Best Drone Under £100 With Camera

Best Drone Under £100 With Camera

Here, we will discuss the best drone under 100 with camera. Then, there are five other recommendations.

Check and try one of them according to your priorities. You might not get all the features in this price range because these are entry-level aircraft.

Still, they provide the complete worth of your investment.

Note: This is just an idea. Most Drones are priced under £100, but there are a few Drones that may exceed this price range.

Drone With Camera Under £100 To Purchase In 2023

Here are our 5 best drone with camera under £100 in the UK market.

1. DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

  • Camera: 5MP 720P
  • Battery: 1100 mAh
  • Maximum Flight Time: 13 Minutes per battery
  • Weight: 80 Grams

If you are looking for the best drone under 100 with HD camera, Tello could be the right option. This collaboration between DJI and Tello cannot compete with expensive aerial cameras. But, it’s not built for that. This model is only suitable for kids, new users and enthusiasts.

DJI Tello quadcopter features a front-facing 5MP camera with 720P HD recording ability. This camera is perfect for selfie shots. Moreover, it has a downward sensor to maintain stability and hover steadily. So, you can neatly land this drone on your palm. But, it might not work well when you capture large landscapes.

The quadcopter is compact, foldable and lightweight. So, it’s one of the best drones under 100 with a camera UK if you are a traveler. Try this model to add more fun to your outdoor adventures.

Stability sensors and rotor guards keep the drone safe and ensure none of the individuals or objects around stay intact. Hence, you can fly Tello inside your house for practice and then move outdoors. Check the weather before your plan to move outside. It cannot withstand windier conditions.


2. 4DRC F3 Drone

4DRC F3 GPS Drone

  • Camera: 4K HD
  • Battery: 2000 mAh (2 Included)
  • Maximum Flight Time: 25 Minutes per battery
  • Weight: 239 Grams

4DRC manufactures some of the best drones under 100 with camera UK, and F3 belongs to the same lot. It features a 4K camera to capture clear stills and videos. Plus, this camera has 90-degree adjustability for broader views. Moreover, it has 5GHz transmission to ensure crisp live feeds on your smartphone.

The 4DRC F3 has an aerodynamic shape making it perfect for long flights. Due to a strong motor, this aircraft flies steadily even under windy conditions. But, it cannot withstand high-speed winds.

4DRC F3 includes a 5GHz transmitter, 2 batteries, a USB charging cable, 4 spare propellers, a screwdriver, one carry case and an instructional guide. The controller is comfortable and easy to use. It accepts all smartphones.

One battery lasts for 25 minutes, and 4DRC F3 comes with a couple of cells. So, it lets you enjoy flying tie up to 30 minutes. The charging time of one battery is around 2 hours.

The F3 supports external cards up to 128 GB. So, it’s the best drone under 100 with a camera UK to record HD videos. Furthermore, this model has a modern and robust design. Therefore, it can bear some crashes.


3. SIMREX X900 Drone

SIMREX X900 Drone

  • Camera: 1080P HD
  • Battery: Li-ion
  • Maximum Flight Time: 8 – 11 Minutes
  • Weight: 100 Grams

If you are looking for the best drone under 100 with HD camera, Simrex X900 could be a decent purchase. You can find a lot of drones with 100 pounds, but X900 overshadows them because of its 1080P HD camera with a 110-degree wide angle.

Simrex X900 is made of high-quality plastic. So, it will not break apart if you crash it on a few occasions. This model also comes with propeller guards. Use them to minimize the damage, especially if you are a beginner.

The X900 has LED lights under each rotor arm, which looks attractive if you fly it in night. These lights also let you know about the calibration. Apart from that, it has an external SD card slot at the bottom.

Simrex X900 is small, lightweight and foldable. Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, the X900 is one of the best drone under £100 with camera UK to take on trips. So, try this model if you travel a lot.

This model works using a brushed motor, which is standard with entry-level drones. Brushes engines are not very efficient, powerful, and long-lasting. Moreover, these motors need more maintenance sessions compared to their brushless variants.


4. Holy Stone HS260

Holy Stone HS260

  • Camera: 1080P HD
  • Battery: 1300 mAh (2 Included)
  • Maximum Flight Time: 15 Minutes per battery
  • Weight: 140 Grams

Holy Stone HS260 is the best beginner drone with camera under 100 pounds. It never asks you to follow complex steps. On the contrary, the controls are easy to understand. In addition, a user manual helps you to understand the process of calibration and flight control.

The RC quadcopter features a 1080P HD camera, adjustable up to 90-degrees using an included remote. Plus, it has a birds-eye perspective that lets you capture incredible stills. In addition, this camera has Wi-Fi real time transmission. So, you can watch HD live feeds on your smartphone and share images on social media pages.

The HS260 is a ready-to-fly drone. So, read the manual once you receive it and start enjoying aerial photography. Furthermore, this model is compact, lightweight and foldable.

This drone includes a couple of batteries, USB charging cables, 4 spare propellers, 4 spare screws, one screwdriver, a transmitter and a carry case. One battery works for 15 minutes. So, you get a playtime of 30 minutes.


5. Eanling HS110G

Eanling HS110G

  • Camera: 1080P
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Maximum Flight Time: 13 Minutes per battery
  • Weight: 176 Grams

Eanling HS110G is the best drone with live camera under 100 pounds if you want to enjoy high-definition photography and videography without investing a lot of money. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight. Hence, you can conveniently carry this aircraft on your weekend trips.

The HS110G features a 1080P camera with a 110-degree field-of-view and FPV (First Person View) transmission. This high-quality camera captures clear memories of your families, events and holidays. Plus, it’s a perfect camera for selfie shots and group photos.

Eanling HS110G has multiple preset flight modes, including headless pattern, GPS follow me, and customized routes. These patterns let you capture exciting images and video clips. Apart from that, it integrates a GPS auto return. This function automatically activates in case of a lost signal and low battery.

Flying the HS110G is easy because of its easy to understand functions. Moreover, it has LED navigation lights to help you know the tail and head. These illuminations make the night flights exciting and easy. Plus, there is an emergency button to shut down the drone instantly.



The models mentioned above act as a starting point for aerial photography and offer the best value for your investment.

DJI Tello is the best drone under 100 with camera because of its stability, excellent battery life and easy usage.

4DRC F3 is better if you need a 4K camera. Simrex X900 is also great if you don’t want to invest big in an aircraft.

Last Updated on November 9, 2023